Jeppe Lauge | As one sees | April 30 – July 9, 2021

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What do you see? 

With his impressive paintings, Jeppe Lauge is able to draw the viewer into his very own world.⁠
⁠The Danish artist is concerned with the dualism of seeing.

Do we all see the same thing in a picture or do we all see things differently? Which view is the right one? ⁠

Maybe we are constructing seeing with the deeper levels of consciousness. Or what we see changes through time, emotions and knowledge.⁠ Who knows?

You might find some of the answers in Jeppe Lauge’s second solo show in our gallery.⁠

“We as humans sees things differently among each other and even within ourself. One person finds a solution for a way forward. This becomes a problem for another, who then finds another solution for his way forward, which then creates a problem for the first one… This human behavior is what makes us create amazing things, but also what lead us into war.

In the exhibition | AS ONE SEES | I focus on the landscape and how we see and interpret it, I investigate the “solutions” that have been made. Forests today are not wild places, but cultivated land, and still most of us know the joy of a walk in these nature areas that surrounds us.

There’s a dualism between the romanticism and the cultivated reality, a difference in how we feel a space and acknowledge it mentally.” Jeppe Lauge, 2021

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