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This premium shop is the perfect supplement to our online art auctions. Also, objects starting at 1,000 EUR can be consigned to us for a fixed price.


The offering in our shop always changes on the first of the month. A regular trip to our online shop is definietly worthwhile.





April 7, 2018  10am - 2pm   Finissage 

The catalogues will be published and exhibited. Please join us to celebrate and relish art.

It is not only about colors but about categories in conflict with continuum, about yes and no and in between, about good and bad, about 0 and 1, about opposites and the impossibility to describe the world with two parameters.

Artists: Christian Awe (Berlin), Michael Goller (Chemnitz), Jeppe Lauge (Amsterdam), Volker Leonhardt (Berlin), Heidi Morgenstern (Dresden), Sali Muller (Luxemburg), André Wagner (Berlin) und Jan Wawrzyniak (Berlin).

Opening hours

TUE-FRI 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

SAT 10.00 am - 2.00 pm

as well as by appointment

Address and Directions

You will find our gallery here:

e.artis contemporary
Theaterstr. 58
09111 Chemntiz

Public parking facilities available in immediate proximity at the Markthalle.

e.artis contemporary Gallery Chemnitz